Steam turbines

The elastic support system for turbine generator foundations has been widely accepted during the past 30 years by the industry. The GERB system – jointly developed with leading turbine manufacturers - was applied for the first time in the German Nuclear Power Plant STADE in 1968 to support a 660 MW turbo generator. Presently, this system is used world-wide on turbines with capacities up to 1300 MW.
Leading manufacturers of turbines and other power plant equipment using the GERB system, emphasise the following advantages:

The turbo generator foundation is dynamically uncoupled from the substructure, More space below the turbo generator for the arrangement of condensers and piping. Integration of the substructure into the building, which consists of the beams and/or columns, Reduced construction costs for the basemat, Shorter construction time for the foundation By reducing the dynamical loads risk of settlements is reduced, Easy adjustment and realignment in case of settlements. Adjustments can be carried out without interrupting the operation of the machine, Protection of the turbo generator in case of earthquakes.