Floating slab track

Vibration Isolation by Floating Slab Track Systems

GERB Floating Slab Systems are successfully installed in tunnels, above ground, and on elevated rail tracks.

Different types of springs and spring elements are available to meet the requirements set by the respective conditions on site and by the type of trains, including:

  • trams,
  • urban mass transit systems,
  • heavy freight trains,
  • high-speed passenger trains.

GSI-system and GSI-housings in place
GSI-system and GSI-housings in place

Due to the high elasticity of the steel the springs, GERB floating track slabs combine two essential features:

  1. highest possible efficiency ofisolation
  2. a cost-saving low constructionheight.

GERB Floating Slab Track Systems make a classical "Heavy" Mass-Spring-System look old.

There is no longer need to waste space and money on massive and bulky concrete slabs requiring spacious and expensive tunnels.

In addition, they offer a number of benefits by a simple and cost saving installation.