Floating floors

Embedded “jack up” Spring Elements
Embedded “jack up” Spring Elements

Floating floor and room-within-a-room structures

VISOTECH Australia represents state-of-the-art technology to control vibration and structure-borne noise within buildings. This technology is used to separate TV, broadcasting or recording studios, recital & rehearsal rooms as well as theatres, discos, fitness studios and HVAC areas dynamically and acoustically from the surrounding environment.

For more than 50 years GERB has been innovating and developing spring elements for floating floor and room-within-a- room structures based on the application of steel coil springs. This system guarantees highest attenuation values due to extremely low system natural frequencies.

At system natural frequencies ranging from 7 Hz down to 2.5 Hz GERB steel spring elements provide the most efficient solutions in protecting highly sensitive areas from mechanical vibration and structure borne noise.

Mitigation of structure borne noise and vibration starts at frequencies as low as 4 Hz thus giving the GERB system an advantage over elastic pad material.

Basic Spring Element Systems

GERB offers a variety of spring element systems for floating floors. In addition to a large number of steel springs of different elasticity and load capacity there are several element systems available designed for a wide range of applications:

  1. Embedded “jack up” Spring Elements
    Embedded in the concrete slab,jack-up type spring elements are apreferred choice in terms of simplified installation, high flexibility/readjustabilityand low system height.
  2. Supporting Spring Elements
    Supporting type spring elementsarranged below the floating slab aredesigned to carry high and concentratedloads and can easily be adjustedto the actual loads if requiredpost installation.

All spring elements can be provided with additional damping thus further improving the system’s damping and attenuation performance.