Vibration Isolation of Buildings

The isolation of entire buildings from outside vibrations is a very specialised field of expertise. Visotech Australia/GERB have been working on such projects for many years now, all over the world. We can work with architects and engineers to design and supply vibration isolation systems customised to each project's exact requirements.

As population density increases in major cities in Australia and New Zealand, attractive plots in central and convenient locations often come with a major disadvantage – specifically, vibration or structure-borne noise that might be caused by:

  • Metro or other well used railway lines,
  • heavy truck traffic passing by on unevenroads or nearby bridges,
  • heavy machinery being operated in neighbouring industrial facilities.

Spring supported cinema building close to a railway station – Siegburg, Germany
Spring supported cinema building close to a railway station – Siegburg, Germany

Noise and vibrations can significantly reduce the general value of properties. And quite often the extent of ground-borne vibration tends to be initially underestimated. Indeed, it is only once the building has been completed that the consequences are fully felt with floors vibrating, and walls and floors becoming the radiating surface of secondary noise. Unfortunately, subsequent counter-measures are often difficult to implement or even outright impossible or – if there is a solution – it is likely to take up considerable amounts of time and money.

Therefore, to avoid costly problems in the future, it is imperative that both the building owners and architects consider this highly important issue at an early stage.

The reality is that conventional foundations cannot do much to prevent the transmission of disturbing vibrations onto the building. Measures at the vibration source are often not possible or insufficient. Furthermore, structural measures taken in the building seldom prove to be successful and may actually constrain the creativity of the architect or building owner, or alternatively the functionality of the building.

Eventually, to eliminate risks for people, machines or buildings, it might well become necessary to implement special measures to the building’s foundations, whether it be a residential or office building, a hotel or retirement home, a concert hall, conference center or a modern facility with vibration-sensitive production.

GERB base isolation by steel spring support gives you such an opportunity.