Vibrations can be controlled – wherever they happen

Underside of Millenium Bridge in London
Tuned Mass Dampers under Millenium Bridge in London

From small pumps and generators to entire buildings; VISOTECH can treat all vibration issues. Backed by GERB, the German experts in this field, VISOTECH now makes these latest technology high quality systems available to our Australian and New Zealand customers.

The advantages offered by GERB systems are highly sought after by mechanical contractors and acoustic specialists. In situations where up to 99% vibration isolation is required, such as hospitals or office complexes, springs are extremely capable solutions. This is why Visotech Australia supplies GERB spring isolation systems to some of Australia and New Zealand's most sensitive and high profile projects.

Visotech Australia, backed by the expertise and 100+ year experience of GERB engineers, can design and supply the most sophisticated custom solutions to address excessive vibrations.

This is why Visotech Australia supplies GERB spring isolation systems to some of Australia and New Zealand's most sensitive and high profile projects.

Visotech Australia vibration isolation systems range in size. The smallest spring systems are used for small plant and equipment such as pumps and generators. The largest spring systems are used to support entire buildings or power stations. No application is too large for GERB technology.

Visotech also designs and supplies high-tech visco damper systems. These are used in pipe systems and any application where damping rather than isolation is the main concern.

Another specialised application where Visotech/GERB can assist is with the design and supply of tuned-mass dampers. These are used to conteract sway induced by wind or humans in structures such as pedestrian bridges or tall buildings. This complex area of engineering is one of GERB's great stength. This is recognised by the fact that GERB tuned mass dampers have already been used extensively on some of Australia's most iconic recent projects.

Rail isolation is also a major field of activity for Visotech/GERB. The floating slab track systems are particularly interesting solutions for highly populated areas. Of course, solutions to isolate buildings from the vibrations generated by rail in close proximity are also very common. GERB has extensive experience and project references for such projects.

A recent addition to the GERB range of specialised solutions is a spring damper combo custom designed for the vibration and acoustic isolation of swimming pools. The design of concrete swimming pools in multi-residential high-rise complexes is becoming the norm. But when these pools are above inhabitable space, the noise and vibration at pool level needs to be eliminated. GERB has developped a solution that gives 98% isolation, but also limits the height required under the pool shell to only 150 mm ! The springs are delivered pre-compressed, allowing for minimal deflections under emptying and filling cycles required for the maintenance of the swimming pool.

A new product also developped by GERB for the Australian and New Zealand markets is a range of seismic spring mounts with internal restraints. Designed to meet the requirements of AS1170.4, these mounts can also include internal damping in the form of Sordino wrap or separate fluid dampers. This range is perfectly suited to gensets in hospitals and any other disaster recovery infrastructure.